School corridor

School Corridor | Game ready | Unreal Engine 4

School corridor is a personal project I made in 2020 to push myself with all aspects of game modular environment, lighting and composition in a interior night scene.

I wanted to create a realistic, dirty Schoool playable level and now I can feel that this environment has allowed me to improve my skills as an Environment Artist.

This is an environment I made with modular floors, walls and ceilings, almost all assets and textures are made myself and also I used Megascans to incorporate some decals and assets too.
Textures were made using Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Quixel Mixer.
Assets were created and modeled in Blender and Zbrush.

Also, I want to thank Odin Fernandez and Alvaro Villegas for the help and the feedback.

I hope you like it!